rubicon produces specially adapted machines and complete cable production lines for the manufacture of silicone-sheathed cables, wires and leads.

Our lines have been designed both for sheathing individual wires and multicore cables. Cables made of different materials and of different structures can be produced on one and the same line thanks to the flexibility of our lines which can switch easily between single and multilayer extrusion operations.

In additions to specifying the ideal machines we attach special importance to offering our customers complete solutions that are easy to operate. Drawing on our technological know-how we can optimise start-up procedures and minimize start-up rejects, enabling our lines to continue to operate efficiently even when producing small batches.

As ever more stringent fire safety regulations come into force around the world, the industry is facing new challenges in meeting the life-saving standards imposed by these regulations. One material that is becoming increasingly important is silicone.

In the cable industry, for example, special silicone coatings with special fillers are used to form a kind of ceramic protective layer around the conductor in the event of fire. The ceramic layer continues to protect against short circuits and exposure of the bare wire for hours after the incident. These cables are used not only in the construction industry, but also in the expanding electromobility sector.

rubicon can offer you a complete turnkey production plant and the process technology to produce these cables.