Tensile units

Ein sehr dünner Silikonschlauch läuft um drei Rollen, die sich sehr schnell drehen.

Tensile units has long been an important part of design and quality control to ensure the safety and performance of products. Used on many of our extrusion lines for the rubber and silicone industry with applications in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical and other industries, it allows us to better control continuous production processes. 

These units can be used in order to synchronize the line speed of different equipment based on a fixed tension value. This is especially handy if loop controls cannot be used or/and if any variation in pulling has a significant influence of the product quality may be impacted or compromised.

Alternatively, tension measurement systems can be used as a quality inline measurement tool to control and track product properties like elasticity and the degree of cross linking on line during extrusion. Both are important indicators directly linked to the results and properties of the final product.

Do you want to have an extrusion line with better control in your production and in the final product? Do not hesitate to contact us, we know how to do it.

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