Butyl extrusion head

Aus einem breiten Extrusionswerkzeug treten drei breite Gummibahnen aus und werden auf einer Folie abgezogen

Butyl adhesive tapes are widely used as a versatile elastic joint seal. With its excellent adhesion to a wide range of different materials, it is used in the construction, automotive and navy industry.

Our flat sheet extrusion head allows you to produce a wide range of Butyl Tape dimensions with one single head. Beginning from a large single Butyl sheet of 1000 mm up to multiple tapes of 22 x 15 mm, the head covers a wide range of products. With its special flow valve control system the flow balance could be individually adjusted and tuned allowing the customer to run very different materials and tape widths and thicknesses.

Based on its 10 temperature zones a precise temperature control system has been implemented which enables a material specific setup to achieve the best processing conditions.

For an easy integration into the butyl covering line, the head is equipped with an accurate automatic height adjustment and positioning system. In that way the head can be easily positioned in combination to the covering roll of the line.

The rubicon butyl extrusion head in combination with our special butyl extruder, we offer an efficient extrusion unit for the production of butyl adhesive tapes.

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