New silicone extrusion line for microtubing for the pharmaceutical industry: Visits possible from the end of January

Aktuell ausgestellte Silikon-Extrusionslinie im Werk von rubicon.

Later this month, we will open the doors of our plant again, this time to showcase our new line, which will feature rubicon technology for the production of microtubes in the pharmaceutical industry.

These silicone extrusion lines, which will be available for inspection at our plant from the fifth week, produce silicone tubing with an outer diameter of 0.3 mm and are characterised by their special design for cleanroom use.

Design of the silicone extrusion line

This line consists of an extruder EEK 32.12 for processing silicones and a horizontal infrared tunnel.

The silicone extruder is equipped with a KF1-7000 piston feeder, which makes it easy to feed entire silicone blocks of around 6 kg. The piston pushes the silicone through a changeable die to form a thin strand, which is continuously fed into the extruder. The variability of the die makes it possible to adjust the diameter of the strand.

Another highlight of this line is the horizontal infrared vulcanization tunnel H-IRT 21/0.5 for the curing of peroxide or addition-cured silicones. Here, rubicon Gummitechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH has developed a tunnel with a variable vulcanization channel, which allows adaptation to the respective product dimensions. This results in an enormous increase in efficiency, even with extremely small product dimensions, without loss of energy.

Perfect for medical applications

Thanks to their high quality and precision, silicone tubing produced on rubicon's cleanroom extrusion lines fulfils the requirements for products in medical applications perfectly. Water-cooled motors and control cabinets as well as the use of a complete stainless steel variant ensure compliance with all required cleanroom conditions.

Typical products from our silicone extrusion lines used in the medical sector are catheter, multi-lumen, drainage, breathing tubes, but also milk and potable water tubing.

rubicon's universal silicone extruder as a centrepiece

The key components of these production lines are our universal silicone Extruders, which form the centrepiece of the line. The compact design allows optimal integration into coextrusion lines. Thanks to the special screw and barrel geometries, they are perfectly adapted to the processing of silicone. The unique design of the feed section simplifies cleaning and minimises downtimes during material changes, even with very soft and sticky compounds.

Arrange an appointment with us

We invite interested parties to visit our factory from the end of January to view the completed silicone extrusion line. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us to arrange an individual visit from 29 January:

E-Mail: info(at)
Telefon: +49 (0)345 5 30 15 - 00

Our team will also be happy to provide you with further information.

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