All parts of the plant can be centrally controlled and monitored thanks to our state-of-the-art automation solutions. The intuitive process visualization provides a comprehensive overview of all process values, facilitating a rapid response to any changes. This eliminates faults, improves product quality and minimizes the reject rate.

Continuous recording of all system parameters and measurement results ensures complete traceability of product quality.

In this area too our aim is to meet your individual requirements. Whether it be integration in&nbsp, company networks, order management, long-term data archiving,&nbsp, or plant monitoring systems with network cameras - we provide you with a customized solution from just one source.

Remote maintenance

Even the most minor of faults can quickly bring a production plant to a complete standstill. In such a case, time is money and a rapid response is vital. You can rely on our remote maintenance service to react quickly and reliably to rectify the problem.

In our production facilities, we use high-performance hardware supported by hardware-accelerated encryption for our remote maintenance service. This enables our service technicians to quickly locate and eliminate the causes of malfunctions throughout the world.

But it is not just operators of new plants who can benefit from our remote maintenance service. The hardware required can be retrofitted quickly and easily in older systems as well.