Salt bath

Our new generation of electric or gas-heated salt bath vulcanization lines impresses with high productivity in combination with low specific energy consumption. This groundbreaking system guarantees excellent heat transfer.

Modular and compact configuration and design layout, low salt discharge and cutting-edge computer control are the specific features of the lines made by Rubicon.

Depending on the length of the line and the compound composition, production speeds can be as high as 80 m/min while excellent surface quality of the profiles or hoses is achieved.

Salt recycling systems

To enhance the efficiency and environmental acceptability of our salt-bath vulcanization lines, we have developed a reliable automatic salt recycling system.

This system is designed to recover the salt discharged during processing in the washing line. After that, the salt is continuously returned to the salt bath as a melt trough a closed loop. 

Thus, no salt water will contaminate the environment, and salt consumption in the system will be very low.