Downstream equipment

Every product and project serve a specific requirement and have to be customized to meet individual needs. We manufacture stand-alone machines and complete turnkey projects tailored to your specific requirements and specifications, using the appropriate downstream equipment. Working together with you, we configure the required equipment and find a customized solution to meet your individual requirements.

The production lines can be supplemented with equipment such as:

Cooling lines

  • Cooling devices
  • Drum cooling units
  • Belt cooling lines
  • Air cooling lines
  • Water chillers

Transport systems

  • Discharge conveyors
  • Caterpillar take-off units
  • Pull-off double castans

Coating devices

  • Powder coating lines
  • Siliconising units
  • Application units for release agents
  • Flock coating lines


  • Winding systems (horizontal/vertical)
  • Accumulator storage systems
  • Cutting machines
  • Pelletising lines
  • Blank cutting systems


  • Inkjet printers
  • Laser marking systems

Surface pretreatment

  • Infrared preheat tunnel
  • Plasma processes
  • Application units for bonding agent

Measurement, inspection and controls

  • Diameter gauges
  • Tension controls
  • Length measuring systems
  • Slack control systems
  • Wall-thickness gauges
  • Spark testers
  • Defect identification and marking systems