With our cold-feed extruders of small to medium frame size, we offer you compact and reliable machines. Special screw and barrel designs and configurations will guarantee the high quality you require your products to have, high output and best service.

Modern control concepts and functionalities specifically adapted to your application will guarantee ease of operation and efficiency.

Owing to their ample screw torque and large screw speed range, our extruders can be used for many applications.

Standard extruder

Standard extruders made by Rubicon have stood their test in the conventional extrusion business for many years.

These standard extruders are specifically designed for the processing of easily extrudable rubber compounds on the BASIS of SBR or NBR respectively. Apart from their attractive price / performance ratio, they are outstanding in terms of flexibility and reliability.

Pin barrel extruders

Pin barrel extruders made by Rubicon offer all the features and benefits of advanced extrusion technology. They facilitate the processing of the most varied types of rubber compounds while guaranteeing outstanding homogeneity and quality of the extruded product.

Mixing pins protruding into the screw flights provide for low temperature load on the rubber compound. In addition, the mixing pins also achieve high outputs and largely self-cleaning of the machine.

Vent extruders

Vent extruders made by Rubicon have been designed and developed to produce sections free from pores and flexible hoses. Here, highly volatile components are removed from the rubber compound during the extrusion process. This occurs through a purposefully designed screw and a vented barrel to which a vacuum pump is connected.

Low pulsation and high pressure build-up are the outstanding features of these extruders. These machines are preferably used upstream of continuous pressureless vulcanization lines.

Silicone extruders

Owing to their special screw or barrel geometries and the design of their drive, silicone extruders made by Rubicon are perfectly attuned to the unique properties of silicone rubber.

Intensive water cooling of the screws, the barrels and the extrusion dies facilitates the production of dimensionally stable silicone products true to size  whil at the same time guaranteeing high levels of productivity.

The special design of the feeding section facilitates cleaning and reduces idle times upon change of material even for very soft or sticky compounds.

Coextruder systems

Coextruder systems facilitate the extrusion of different layers in one step. When they are used as duplex or triplex systems, multilayered flexible hoses  can thus be produced or stripes can be installed in the hose cover respectively.

Coextrusion systems are mainly used to produce sealing systems or hoses for the automotive and construction industries. But they can also be used to add metal reinforcement to multi-component sections.

Through our coextrusion dies, we offer proven design solutions that will be customized to your specific product.

The extruders can be arranged in a flexible manner through the use of shifting devices or swivel mechanisms or air cushions respectively.

Extruder / gear pump combinations

Extruder / gear pump combinations made by Rubicon are used to produce extrudates that require highest levels of dimensional stability or extrusion stability.

The gear pump, which is arranged between the extruder and the extrusion die, feeds the rubber compunds at a constant volumetric flow rate and builds up the required pressure in the process.

Our extruder-gear combinations can be used universally in all extruder lines in the rubber, silicone and butyl industry.

Butyl extruder

The rubicon butyl extruders have been specially designed for processing butyl compounds. They have a special feed zone for continuous feeding with individual butyl blocks and the adapted funnel section prevents overfeeding of individual butyl blocks.

Thanks to their specially developed screw geometry and temperature control of up to 160°C, these extruders are perfectly matched to the unique properties of butyl rubber.

The extrusion dies can be connected to heating hoses by quick couplings or they can be permanently connected.


Compounding extruder

The rubicon compounding extruder is used for the continuous production of silicone compounds, especially in applications involving the mixing of crosslinking agents and dyes in the silicone base material. In this new development, a strip is continuously extruded which, in combination with the corresponding downstream equipment, serves as a feed strip for extruders or injection moulding machines.

Vertical extruder

The rubicon vertical extruders for processing rubber or silicone are an ideal solution if space is limited. The vertical extruder can be used both as a stand-alone machine and as a coextruder for co-extrusion applications. The positioning of the vertical extruder facilitates both vertical and horizontal modes of operation, each at different heights.

Mounted on castors with a plug-in electrical connection, the extruder speeds up changeovers, enabling it to be used flexibly across different extrusion lines.